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Aims and Scope

Aims and Scope

The fields of cell and gene therapy undoubtedly share a similar historical path with high expectations but fewer successes than was hoped over the past decades. But now with new technologies emerging and an increasing number of clinical trials yielding success, they look poised to revolutionise modern healthcare.Cell and gene therapies offer unique opportunities to develop new therapeutic  approaches to treat and potentially cure myriad diseases.

There are many challenges along the road to successful commercialisation of a new therapy – scientific, clinical, manufacturing and commercial – and so the time is now for a truly multidisciplinary journal to provide a forum for debate and discussion by all stakeholders committed to progressing this field and converting innovation into new therapies for patients.Cell & Gene Therapy Insights provides a comprehensive resource for these increasingly converging fields including:

  • Advances and challenges in cell and gene therapy manufacturing; emerging technologies, techniques, reagents and bioprocesses
  • Bench-to-bedside translation of cell, gene and tissue engineered therapies: clinical challenges including dosages, safety, trial protocols; delivery mechanisms
  • Novel methods of gene transfer, control and silencing including use of cells as gene- therapy vehicles; CAR T-cells and engineered vectors
  • Clinical trial design and outcomes
  • Commercialisation of cell and gene therapies
  • Regulatory and reimbursement updates
  • Ethical and legal perspectives
  • IP and legal updates

Cell & Gene Therapy Insights addresses these important challenges and advances, publishing original research, reviews, commentary articles, clinical trial reports and much more.