Stop guessing: how to get fast and accurate LNP quantification and characterization
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Stop guessing: how to get fast and accurate LNP quantification and characterization

Thursday 08:00 PST / 11:00 EST / 16:00 GMT / 17:00 CET
Stop guessing: how to get fast and accurate LNP quantification and characterization

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Lipid nanoparticle (LNP) concentration is a critical parameter to obtain for each batch of particles. Current methods can’t keep up with high throughput, require dilutions that impact accuracy, or are simply too slow.

Keeping particles the right size is vital for LNPs, but identifying all the aggregates in a sample can prove challenging. On top of that, many dynamic light scattering (DLS) instruments can only handle one sample at a time, which makes gathering size data on all your samples extra hard work. When quantifying payloads, most solutions rely on complicated disruption workflows, costly dyes, and wasteful standard curves. With UV/Vis absorbance quantification, the high turbidity of LNPs makes samples too cloudy for analysis.

Stunner is the only platform that pairs up intelligent, short-length UV/Vis with rotating angle DLS (RADLS) to measure particle concentration, size, and total RNA quantification in under two minutes using 2 µL sample. Using this technology, data is gathered in a 96-well plate format in around two hours without any complex workflow, dyes, or standards.

In this webinar, you will learn how to size and count LNPs with RADLS, quantify RNA payloads with UV/Vis, and output unique data from Stunner’s different nanoparticle applications. Several different LNP preparations will be explored, and the ability to obtain particle concentration, sizing, and dye-free quantification all at once will be demonstrated.

  • The importance of achieving rapid and low-volume LNP characterization
  • How the combination of UV/Vis and Rotating Angle DLS/SLS technology enhances LNP characterization workflows
  • How Stunner can help screen through LNP formulations
Nelis Denys
Nelis Denys
Market Manager at Unchained Labs

Nelis Denys is a Market Manager at Unchained Labs. He has years of experience in the technology and data analysis behind UV/Vis spectroscopy and light scattering for proteins, nucleic acids, viral vectors, and nanoparticles. Nelis earned his MS in Biochemical Engineering Technology from Ghent University, where he investigated the influence of polymers on polyelectrolyte matrices.