Developing off-the-shelf CAR-NK cells targeting CD70: updates from preclinical and early clinical studies
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Developing off-the-shelf CAR-NK cells targeting CD70: updates from preclinical and early clinical studies

Thursday 08:00 PDT / 11:00 EDT / 16:00 BST / 17:00 CEST
Developing off-the-shelf CAR-NK cells targeting CD70: updates from preclinical and early clinical studies

There are now six FDA-approved CAR-T cell products. However, despite its efficacy, CAR-T therapy's reliance on autologous T cells poses challenges in accessibility and scalability. Many potential beneficiaries lack sufficient T cells for manufacturing, while the process itself is costly, laborious, and time-consuming.

To overcome these hurdles and broaden the reach of cell therapy, the field has pivoted towards allogeneic platforms, aiming to provide off-the-shelf solutions. Traditional use of T cells limits their allogeneic potential due to the association with graft-versus-host disease (GvHD) through HLA recognition.

Natural killer (NK) cells are powerful immune effectors that possess the unique advantage of being able to recognize targets without using HLA — greatly lowering the risk of GvHD.

Their innate tumor-killing prowess and safety in allogeneic settings has sparked enthusiasm for utilizing NK cells as an allogeneic source for off-the-shelf immunotherapy. Hence, our focus at MD Anderson Cancer Center has shifted towards developing an off-the-shelf CAR NK product targeting CD70, transitioning seamlessly from pre-clinical discovery to early clinical phases.

Through this presentation, we will showcase compelling data underscoring the potential of our CAR NK therapy, illustrating its efficacy, safety, and the promise it holds in revolutionizing accessible and scalable cancer treatment.

Attend this webinar to learn about:

  • How CAR-T cell therapies for hematologic cancers have revolutionized the field but have limitations, including unique and serious toxicities
  • Importance of less expensive, off-the-shelf products for widespread use of this therapy
  • Benefits of NK cells as a promising alternative vehicle for CAR engineering
  • CD70 as an attractive target for the application of CAR-NK cellular therapy against hematologic malignancies and solid cancers
  • Details of a phase I clinical trial evaluating the safety and efficacy of cytokine-induced CAR70/IL-15 NK cells for hematologic malignancies (NCT05092451) and solid cancers (NCT05703854)
Sunil Acharya
Sunil Acharya
Principal Research Scientist at MD Anderson Cancer Center

Sunil Acharya, PhD, is an alumnus of the MD Anderson Cancer Center UTHealth Houston Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, where he obtained his doctoral degree in cancer biology. He currently holds the position of Principal Research Scientist within Dr Katy Rezvani's laboratory at the MD Anderson Cancer Center. Sunil’s professional dedication centers on propelling cellular therapy to new heights, with a particular emphasis on harnessing the potential of NK cells as therapeutic agents. At the forefront of his endeavors is the leadership of preclinical investigations into the CD70 CAR NK project. This groundbreaking initiative has now progressed into phase I/II clinical trials, offering a beacon of hope for patients battling both hematologic and solid cancers.