How to build an AAV platform that produces higher titers and percent full capsids
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How to build an AAV platform that produces higher titers and percent full capsids

Wednesday 08:00 PDT / 11:00 EDT / 16:00 BST / 17:00 CEST
How to build an AAV platform that produces higher titers and percent full capsids

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With the approval of several gene therapies last year and more than fifteen programs already in the queue for 2024, there is an increasing need for more effective, scalable, and cost-conscious manufacturing of recombinant AAV and lentivirus (LV). Paramount to manufacturability, affordability, and patient safety are processes that enable high titer viral vector production with highest possible percent full capsids. This begins with exceptional transfection and upstream process development.

This webinar will highlight a transfection reagent and enhancer platform, with TransIT-VirusGEN® Transfection Reagent and RevIT™ AAV Enhancer, that increases both AAV titers and percent full capsids by 2- to 10-fold over existing technologies, regardless of serotype, media choice, or suspension HEK cell type. Real-world case study data is provided by CDMO Recipharm, highlighting how their platform achieves high titers and percent full capsids without sacrificing efficiency, and how that further enables reduced cost per bioreactor run and ultimately drives down the cost per patient dose.

Discussion highlights include:

  • Increased AAV production and percent full capsids across a range of serotypes using a transfection reagent paired with a novel AAV enhancer
  • Observations by Recipharm regarding their manufacturing capabilities and upstream process development strategies to ensure the highest functional titers, percent full capsids, and performance across different serotypes
  • How smart and efficient manufacturing processes enable affordability to drug developers and greater access to therapeutics for patients
Leisha Kopp
Leisha Kopp
Senior Field Applications Scientist at Mirus Bio

Leisha Kopp is a Senior Field Applications Scientist at Mirus Bio, a company committed to equipping biopharmaceutical innovators with next generation transfection solutions for all cell culture applications. Leisha has 20 years of molecular biology and mammalian cell culture experience in industrial labs and has worked extensively with an array of primary and immortalized mammalian cells. Her combined bench and business knowledge enable support of scientists in all stages of the drug discovery process - from R&D to commercial manufacturing - to develop optimized and scalable processes that deliver complex therapies to patients more quickly. Leisha is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with key interests in viral vector manufacturing and gene therapy.

Chris Brown
Chris Brown
Senior Scientist of Process Development at ReciBioPharm

Chris Brown is a Senior Scientist of Process Development at ReciBioPharm, the biologics division of the global CDMO Recipharm. Chris holds Bachelors (BSc) and Masters (MSc) degrees in Chemical Engineering from Northeastern University. He has more than 7 years of experience across both process development and CMC, with 5 of those years dedicated specifically to the advancement of rAAV manufacturing. Chris has been with ReciBioParm for 1 year, in which time he has been focused on developing robust, scalable viral vector manufacturing processes based on the suspension HEK293 platform.