Enhancing non-viral genome editing and manufacturing of T and NK cells for immunotherapies
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Enhancing non-viral genome editing and manufacturing of T and NK cells for immunotherapies

Wednesday 09:30 IST / 12:00 AWST / 13:00 KST / 13:00 JST / 14:00 AEST / 16:00 NZST
Enhancing non-viral genome editing and manufacturing of T and NK cells for immunotherapies

The clinical manufacturing of gene-modified cell-based immunotherapies is complex and labor-intensive. Despite its widespread application, the use of viral vectors for transgene delivery comes with limitations, including high costs, biosafety challenges, and regulatory restrictions. Key current areas of focus for industry include the optimization of non-viral gene delivery methods, and closing and automating cell processing to improve overall safety and cost-effectiveness.

In this webinar, we will discuss tools and protocols for non-viral engineering of CAR-T cells and CAR-NK cells, reviewing data that show efficient gene editing and post-electroporation viability for both cell types. We will discuss a next-generation, universal CAR platform (OmniCAR) developed by Prescient Therapeutics with insights on efforts made to establish closed, GMP-compliant processes for manufacturing in a collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific. Speakers will showcase data incorporating a closed end-to-end cell manufacturing workflow utilizing Gibco™ CTS™ Dynacellect Magnetic Cell Separator, Gibco™ CTS™ Xenon™ Electroporation System, Gibco™ CTS™ Rotea™ Counterflow Centrifugation, and ancillary reagents.

Attend this webinar to learn more about:

  • Fit-for-purpose, closed, modular instrumentation platforms that can be used to modify and process human NK and T cells for cell therapies
  • The potential of human NK cells grown in feeder-free medium in a clinical setting
  • How to transition from the small benchtop Invitrogen Neon system to the large-scale CTS Xenon system, suitable for clinical manufacturing
Ilgyun Im
Ilgyun Im
Field Application Scientist, Cell and Gene Therapy at Thermo Fisher Scientifc

Dr Ilgyun Im is a Field Application Scientist supporting the Asia-Pacific region. He provides consultations and training for Thermo Fisher Scientific’s cell and gene therapy solutions such as the Gibco Cell Therapy Systems (CTS) brand of products. Prior to joining Thermo Fisher Scientific, Ilgyun was a Senior Scientist at NetTargets and worked for AI-enhanced systems biology technologies for drug discovery platform. He holds five years of post-doctoral experience at KRIBB and KIT in stem cell-based therapeutics and organoid development. He obtained his Ph.D. from KAIST (S. Korea) specializing in stem cell biology.

Rebecca Lim
Rebecca Lim
Senior Vice President of Scientific Affairs at Prescient Therapeutics

Dr Rebecca Lim is the Senior Vice President of Scientific Affairs at Prescient Therapeutics, a Melbourne-based oncology-focused biotechnology company and Adjunct Associate Professor at Monash University and Hudson Institute. Her 15 years of academic research experience in cell therapies and regenerative medicine has enabled her to tackle aggressive timelines with the world’s first covalent modular CAR-T system that aims to address some of the toughest cancers. Named OmniCAR, this universal immune receptor system has the capacity to offer high fidelity post-infusion control, multi- and sequential antigen targeting. Here she will present on the concept of the OmniCAR ecosystem and other CAR-T enhancement technologies.