Expanding access to gene therapies through novel cell lines and dPCR technologies
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Expanding access to gene therapies through novel cell lines and dPCR technologies

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Expanding access to gene therapies through novel cell lines and dPCR technologies

Live30 webinars are thirty-minute presentations designed to update you on the latest innovations, applications, and data in a fast yet interactive format.

Join us on a journey of innovation as we explore the intersection of novel cell lines and digital PCR (dPCR) technologies in the field of cell and gene therapy. To expand access to these new and potentially transformative treatments, better tools and materials that will increase scale, reduce costs, and address ethical concerns regarding cell lines are needed. We will delve into the development and applications of the novel cell line BHK-[wt E1] and highlight the pivotal role of dPCR as an analytical tool in evaluating the quality and characteristics of AAV at various stages of cell line development. Gain valuable insights into the potential of BHK-[wt E1] and how dPCR enables comprehensive evaluation of AAV production, paving the way for advancements in the field of cell and gene therapy.

  • Understand the significance of utilizing novel cell lines in the production of AAV vectors for cell and gene therapy
  • Learn about how cell line selection can drive further improvements in AAV production, reducing costs, improving scalability, and expanding access to gene therapies
  • Explore the ethical concerns associated with current AAV production methods and how the adoption of novel cell lines can help to address them
  • Discover how to enable sustainable AAV production
  • Understand the crucial role of dPCR in accurately evaluating the quality and characteristics of AAV produced within the BHK-[wt E1] cell line
Jagadish Loganathan
Jagadish Loganathan
Director, Research & Development at Agathos Biologics

Jagadish Loganathan is a highly accomplished scientist responsible for establishing research and development operations at Agathos' Fargo, North Dakota facilities. He also takes the lead in managing both internal and external programs.

Before joining Agathos, Jagadish served as a Scientist at the Indiana University School of Medicine, where his research focused on studying the significance of correct compartmentalization of molecular signals mediated by natural compounds that target cancer genes. He has extensive scientific experience, including his role as a research associate at North Dakota State University (NDSU), where he specialized in targeting cancer cells in a hypoxic environment using nanoparticles. Additionally, during his time as a postdoctoral fellow at NDSU, Jagadish conducted research on the chemotherapeutic effects of plant-derived small molecules and lentiviral vectors on pancreatic and lung cancer cells.

Andrzej Noyszewski
Andrzej Noyszewski
Scientist at Agathos Biologics

Andrzej Noyszewski is a R&D Scientist who leads development and implementation of emerging technologies, analytical methods and insect cell culture development at Agathos Biologics. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Genomics and Bioinformatics from North Dakota State University and a Master of Science and Engineering (MSc. Eng) in Biotechnology from Warsaw University of Life Sciences in Warsaw. His past work was related to cell wall metabolism, evolution of plants sexual reproduction, mitochondrial genomics, population genetics of invasive species, and work in method validation in GMP environment.

Mark Voigt
Mark Voigt
Director, Business Development and Operations at Agathos Biologics

Mark Voight is the current Director of Business Development and Operations at Agathos Biologics. Mark holds a BS from North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND and an MBA from St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, MN.