Building an AAV platform in 2023: challenges, threats & opportunities
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Building an AAV platform in 2023: challenges, threats & opportunities

Tuesday 08:00 PST / 11:00 EST / 16:00 GMT / 17:00 CET
Building an AAV platform in 2023: challenges, threats & opportunities

Adeno-associated virus (AAV) has emerged as a leading platform for gene delivery for treating various diseases due to its excellent safety profile and efficient transduction to various target tissues. Now, with the shift beyond ultrarare indications, AAV manufacturing requires rapid expansion to be able to address these diseases in the commercial space. Currently there is no standardized platform approach for commercial-scale AAV manufacturing as seen with monoclonal antibodies.

In addition to the multiple natural serotypes of AAVs, hybrid serotypes designed to target particular sites in a patient’s body are being developed. Whereas the standardization of the USP is a must-have, each of those serotypes behaves differently during chromatographic separations, making it difficult for developers to create platform purification processes with predictable yield outcomes.

ABL and Polyplus will present how building on strong CDMO- supplier partnerships can enable creation of scalable USP & DSP platform with highest & predictable yield outcomes for a large range of serotypes.

Attend this webinar to discover more about:

  • Meeting AAV market needs : CDMO and supplier perspectives
  • USP & DSP challenges for AAV manufacturing
  • USP development approach to build a standardize process
  • Leveraging existing technologies to optimize USP & DSP processing
Quentin Bazot
Quentin Bazot
Viral Vector Manufacturing & Process Development Specialist, ABL Europe

Quentin Bazot is a molecular virologist with extensive experience in viral vector research. He received his PhD in Herpesvirus Biology from the Ecole Normale Supérieur (ENS) de Lyon in 2012. Quentin then moved on to London to carry out postdoctoral training at the Virology department of the Imperial College London working on epigenetic mechanisms exploited by viral oncoproteins. He then joined the Cell and Gene therapy Catapult where he led viral vector (AAV / Lentivirus) process and manufacturing development activities.

In 2020 Quentin joined ABL site in Lyon (France) as viral vector process development & manufacturing specialist working with ABL customers to accelerate their viral vector programs from process development to GMP manufacturing. Quentin is currently leading the AAV process development / manufacturing programs of ABL working towards the optimization of AAV production and purification.

Mégane Denu
Mégane Denu
Bioproduction Engineer, Polyplus

Mégane Denu joined Polyplus in 2016 where she is currently a R&D Engineer in the Bioproduction department. Mégane holds a Biotechnology Engineering Degree from the European School ESBS (Strasbourg, France). Within her 7 years in the company, she was involved in the development of several innovative transfection solutions, especially for biomanufacturing, and acquired expertise in viral vector upstream process optimization.