Tailoring viral vector transgene optimization for enhanced efficacy
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Tailoring viral vector transgene optimization for enhanced efficacy

Thursday 08:00 PDT / 11:00 EDT / 16:00 BST / 17:00 CEST
Tailoring viral vector transgene optimization for enhanced efficacy

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Transgene optimization often takes a “one size fits all” approach that uses the same optimization process irrespective of a transgene’s desired expression profile. Rather, factors unique to each vector’s use case should be considered during optimization.

This webinar discusses the Expression Cassette Optimization (ECO) platform as an AI-driven optimization tool that considers the gene transfer vector, target tissue, and real-world manufacturing constraints to output optimized sequences tailored to each transgene’s desired expression profile. The potential to achieve high-titer viral vector manufacture using this platform will be explored, specifically through leveraging of fixed bed bioreactor technology.

Attend this webinar to discover:

  • The why and how of AI-driven therapeutic transgene optimization
  • How to achieve enhanced therapeutic efficacy through targeted tissue/cell expression
  • What is the impact of transgene cassette optimization on viral vector manufacturing
Harrison Brown
Harrison Brown
Director of Computational Biology Expression Therapeutics

Dr. Brown received his Doctorate in Molecular and Systems Pharmacology from Emory University, where he developed the bioengineered transgene cassette for a second generation AAV gene therapy entering clinical trials through a licensing agreement with ASC Therapeutics. He joined Expression Therapeutics in 2020 to help develop and implement a suite of platform technologies for research and manufacturing.

Dr. Brown’s work at Expression Therapeutics focuses on developing novel gene transfer systems, therapeutic proteins, and cell therapies with a special focus on cancer and bleeding disorders. The company uses automated, “big data” driven bioinformatics and traditional molecular-driven studies to create therapeutic platforms that provide both scalability and indication-specific customization. They have used these tools internally to design proprietary platforms for novel gamma delta T cell, lentiviral, AAV, and mRNA-based therapies across multiple indications. By integrating these tools in its GMP-ready CDMO pipeline Expression Therapeutics is able to offer the efficiency of “off the shelf” vector components combined with AI-enabled transgene optimization, which combine to allow rapid development and manufacture of the next generation of biotherapies.