The next generation of GMP cell sorting - high-throughput, sterile, scalable
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The next generation of GMP cell sorting - high-throughput, sterile, scalable

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The next generation of GMP cell sorting - high-throughput, sterile, scalable

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For decades, one of the biggest challenges for manufacturing cell therapies has been sorting the cells. Many upcoming cell therapies are based on isolation of specific cell phenotypes, defined by flow cytometry on multiple fluorescent markers. Unlike traditional sorting, GMP sorting needs to be fast, scalable and reliable enough to process the large quantities of cells relevant to upcoming cell therapies. Additionally, GMP sorting needs to be sterile and biocompatible in order to process a medicinal product.

Conventional cell sorting techniques have not kept pace with progress in cell therapy; there is currently a large divide between commercial sorting technologies and cell therapy requirements. Several new technologies have been invented to close this gap, although many difficulties remain.

Cellular Highways was founded with the mission to make high-throughput, sterile, scalable GMP cell sorting a reality, based on the microfluidic VACS technology. The first product, Highway1, has now entered beta testing with partners, and we are able to reveal initial data.

Join Samson Rogers, CEO and Co-Founder of Cellular Highways, a TTP company, as he reviews the requirements of GMP cell sorting in comparison with existing techniques; as well as introducing Highway1, its underlying technology, and initial results from beta users.

  • Limitations of current GMP cell sorting techniques 
  • Specifications of an ideal GMP cell sorter 
  • The next generation of GMP cell sorting using novel VACS technology 
  • Data from the prototype of Highway1, a GMP cell sorter
Samson Rogers PhD
Samson Rogers PhD
CEO and Founder at Cellular Highways

Samson led Cellular Highways from a concept to a spin-out with its first product now nearing launch. Samson started the project at parent company TTP, by investigating the need for GMP cell sorting. After that, he co-invented the technology with several colleagues, tested it with partners, spun it out, built the team and led development of the first product. Samson’s background includes biophysics research with a PhD from the University of Cambridge, postdoc research at the University of Manchester, several years of technology development consulting at TTP, an MBA from the ESMT, and co-founding of two previous technology start-ups.