Supply chain efficiency and sourcing for scaling your gene therapy operation
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Supply chain efficiency and sourcing for scaling your gene therapy operation

Thursday 08:00 PDT / 11:00 EDT / 16:00 BST / 17:00 CEST
Supply chain efficiency and sourcing for scaling your gene therapy operation

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Scaling up for clinical and commercial gene therapy manufacturing not only impacts your process but your operations. This has become an even more prevalent concern in the wake of SARS-CoV-2, where supply chains have been significantly challenged, and raw materials are in short supply. As the potential of gene therapies is being realized, the question now is: How do you manufacture them sustainably in the long term?

Gene therapies, relying mostly on viral vector manufacturing, implemented a single-use strategy early when setting up new manufacturing facilities. Sourcing of critical raw materials at scale with single-use equipment are to be considered broadly by not looking only at performance but also logistic. Format, packaging, shipment and storage are all key elements to ensure efficient operations, but also mitigate supply chain disruption risks.

In the webinar, we will examine how to move from standard media and single-use technologies to configurable solutions to help future sourcing and increased operations performance.

Key highlights from our speakers include

  • Media formats advantages and drawbacks
  • Versatility of mixing technologies for different unit operations
  • Configurable packaging options

Celine Martin
Celine Martin
Senior Product Manager, Gene Therapy at

Céline Martin is currently Global product manager for Gibco Bioproduction. She’s been part of Thermo Fisher Scientific since 2017 and joined to enable bioprocess scientist with the right tools to make the world healthier. She’s earned a PhD in bioprocessing from the French University of Lorraine focusing on the impact of bioreactor hydrodynamics on MSC microcarrier culture, and worked as upstream development scientist prior to joining Thermo Fisher Scientific optimizing CHO, HEK and ESC processes. Her current focus is on managing and developping new solutions for Gene therapy manufacturing.

Don Young
Don Young
Senior Global Product Manager, Single-Use Technologies at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Donald Young is the Senior Global Product Manager for BioProcess Containers, at Thermo Fisher’s BioProduction Division facility in Logan, Utah. Don has 12 years’ experience as a product manager as well as 12 years of experience working as a medical science liaison in the pharmaceutical industry. Don helps in the management of change control, pricing, supply chain, film portfolio, training, and product customization at Thermo Fisher Scientific’s BioProduction Division in Logan, Utah. Don holds and Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology, and a Master of Science degree in Public Health.