Platform optimization for efficient AAV purification – insights from a CDMO
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Platform optimization for efficient AAV purification – insights from a CDMO

Tuesday 08:00 PDT / 11:00 EDT / 16:00 BST / 17:00 CEST
Platform optimization for efficient AAV purification – insights from a CDMO

Over the last decade the number of clinical trials involving recombinant Adeno-Associated Viral (rAAV) vectors has dramatically increased. Currently, ~80% of the trials ongoing for gene therapy involve AAV vectors. Directly related to this exponential growth, the diversity of serotypes has expanded and the demand for larger quantities of highly purified material, manufactured to cGMP standards, increases each day.

For Contract Development and Manufacturing companies (CDMO) like YposKesi, the manufacturing challenges are centred around flexibility, robustness and productivity, especially with regards to purification. In other words, it is critical for such companies to have universal tools available to address any serotype with minimal process adjustments, ensuring consistent process performance and available in formats allowing for a reduction in operating times and costs.

In this webinar, discover how POROS™ CaptureSelect™ AAVX resin can be used as a pan-affinity tool for the universal capture of AAV vectors, and how YposKesi optimized the operational parameters to make the resin an efficient, robust and productive purification platform that fits with CDMOs’ constraints.

  • Understand the benefits of affinity chromatography in AAV purification
  • See how one single chromatography media can address all serotypes
  • Understand the key operational parameters of the capture step, and how they can be optimized to maximize productivity
  • Discover how YposKesi implements tools to fulfill customers’ demand for highly purified AAV vectors
Nicolas Laroudie
Nicolas Laroudie
Staff Scientist, Field Applications, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Biochemist by education, Nicolas Laroudie used to work for Généthon, France, between 2001 and 2011 as Head of Downstream Development. He was leading a team in charge of developing and scaling-up purification processes for AAV, retroviral and lentiviral vectors used in gene therapy treatments. He then joined Merck Millipore as a BioManufacturing Engineer where he used to technically support European customers for all DSP technologies - from clarification to sterile filtration, including TFF and systems - with a strong focus on chromatography. In particular, he took an active role in the establishment of a fully continuous, large-scale disposable DSP process for the purification of a monoclonal antibody, within the framework of a large multi-company European consortium. He eventually joined ThermoFisher Scientific in 2019 as Field Application Specialist for purification, technically supporting the implementation of POROS and CaptureSelect chromatography products for south-western European customers.
Vincent Ravault
Vincent Ravault
DSP Expert, Process Development and Industrialization Department, YposKesi
Vincent Ravault is a technician within the Process Development and Industrialization department at YposKesi since 2018. He focuses on upstream and downstream process development and optimization for AAVs and Lentiviruses vectors to support and advance their large-scale production for gene therapies. He is also involved in the technical transfer of processes for viral vectors from pilot scale to manufacturing scale. Graduated of a Biochemistry degree, Vincent Ravault has over 15 years of experience at Pall Life Sciences where he was in charge of the technical support for chromatography resins. His main role at Pall was to provide purification solutions and strategies to customers. He was also involved in the promotion and evaluation of new products for downstream