Enabling instrument connectivity through digital automation
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Enabling instrument connectivity through digital automation

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Enabling instrument connectivity through digital automation

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Automation of the manufacturing process for cell therapies could significantly increase manufacturing success rates, while reducing manual touchpoints and labor. Innovative instrumentation to address the various unit operations across the manufacturing process have been developed at Thermo Fisher Scientific, and are specifically designed with compatibility in mind. This facilitates digital integration and automation. Gibco™ CTS™ Cellmation™ Software for DeltaV™ System is an off-the-shelf digital solution, which allows users to connect their Thermo Fisher Scientific cell therapy instruments within a common DeltaV network to control workflows across multiple instruments in a 21 CFR Part 11-compliant environment.

In this webinar, we will introduce our closed, modular, end-to-end manufacturing process, as well as demonstrate how our instruments can be integrated,automated, and incorporated into existing workflows. You will gain insights into current challenges in the field that are being encountered, and how automation can help overcome these to improve the current state-of-the-art workflows.

  • Introduction to CTS Cellmation software
  • Importance of digital connectivity solutions to help ensure process and data integrity and integration of instruments into your DCS system
  • Discuss existing challenges and the importance of automation and standardization within cell therapy manufacturing
Bruce Greenwald
Bruce Greenwald
Development Manager, Emerson Automation Solutions
Bruce Greenwald is the DeltaV Platform Business Development Manager for Emerson Automation Solutions, located in Austin, TX. In his current role, Mr. Greenwald assists customers in understanding the features and benefits of DeltaV to improve their automation experience. Mr. Greenwald is a 1979 graduate of the University of Kansas with a degree in Chemical Engineering. He started his career with the Dow Chemical in Freeport, TX and joined Fisher Controls in 1983 as a systems engineer. Mr. Greenwald joined the RE Mason Company, an Emerson Impact Partner, in 2000, executing PROVOX and DeltaV projects. He held several positions at RE Mason, and in 2011, rejoined Emerson. His 4 decade-long career has been focused on process control.
Elizabeth Wahl
Elizabeth Wahl
Product Manager, Cell and Gene Therapy, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Elizabeth has over 10 years of experience working in cell culture and molecular biology and supporting scientists in their R&D. She is a Product Manager focusing on workflow automation for Cell and Gene Therapies at Thermo Fisher Scientific. Previously she was the Strategic Product Manager and part of the Operating Leadership Team at GeminiBio, a raw materials manufacturer for the CGT market. Being part of a small company allowed her to wear many hats and drive the company's strategy while fully understanding the importance and difficulties of each functional area while driving products to launch.

Elizabeth has an extensive educational background, including an MBA from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, a doctorate from TU Munich in experimental medicine with a focus on regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, an MSc from TU Dresden in molecular bioengineering, and a BSc from Kent State University in biological anthropology and studio art.