AAV vector process development: achieving high purity & high yield – experiences from the frontline

Published: 5 June 2019
Expert Roundtable Video
Meisam Bakhshayeshi, Michael Mercaldi, Matthias Hebben, Orjana Terova

Meisam Bakhshayeshi

Head of Downstream Process Development for Gene Therapy, Biogen

Head of Downstream Process Development for Gene Therapy, Biogen Meisam is Head of the gene therapy downstream process development at Biogen. In this role, Meisam oversees development of purification processes to support Biogen’s AAV gene therapy portfolio. Meisam has 8 years of experience in developing downstream processes for protein biologics and viral vectors at different stages of development. Meisam received a PhD in Chemical Engineering from The Pennsylvania State university.

Michael Mercaldi

Director of Purification Process Development at Homology Medicines

Michael is the Director of Purification Process Development at Homology Medicines and is responsible for leading the development of Homology’s purification manufacturing processes for their gene therapy and gene editing programs. He has worked purification process development throughout his career at MedImmune/AstraZeneca, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals and Codiak Biosciences before joining Homology. He holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a PhD in Biochemical Engineering from Tufts University.

Matthias Hebben

VP Technology Development, LogicBio Therapeutics

Matthias has served as VP Technology Development since February 2019.Before that, he served as Director of AAV Technology Development and head of bioprocess development at Genethon for 6 years, where he managed the design and scale up of manufacturing processes for AAV and LV vectors. Prior to his role at Genethon, Matthias was Director of the Virology Unit at Vivalis for 4 years. Before that, he occupied several roles in the animal health industry at Intervet Schering Plough and Virbac between 1999 and 2008. Matthias has a PhD in molecular biology from the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (France) and a bioprocess engineer degree from the University of Strasbourg (France).

Orjana Terova

Senior Product Manager for Purification products at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Orjana is Senior Product Manager for Purification products within the Bioproduction Division at Thermo Fisher Scientific. Orjana has a M.S. in Chemistry from University of New Hampshire (in 2008). She also has 11 years of industrial experience at Thermo Fisher Scientific. Her expertise includes a strong technical background in small molecule and bead chemistries, new product development and commercialization. In her current role Orjana is responsible for managing globally the POROS Chromatography product line, including life cycle product management, implementing programs to drive business growth strategy and support of the global sales organization.