Overcoming Downstream Purification Challenges for Viral Vector Manufacturing: Enabling Advancement of Gene Therapies in the Clinic

Cell Gene Therapy Insights 2018; 4(2), 101-111.


Published: 25 March 2018
Innovator Insight
Orjana Terova, Pim Hermans, Jessica Rooij, Frank Detmers

The adeno-associated vector (AAV) has shown great potential for the delivery of therapeutic genes in the gene therapy field and has become a vector of choice for many therapies. Although excellent clinical outcomes have been reported, the current potential of viral vectors in the clinic is limited due to manufacturing challenges including the absence of an efficient and scalable platform purification process. Affinity chromatography has proven to be a viable solution for the purification of viral vectors and to date, a small number of, mostly single serotype-targeted affinity resins exist. However, to make these treatments economically viable, the ability to use one resin to purify multiple serotypes is vital. The POROSTM CaptureSelectTM AAVX chromatography resin can purify multiple AAV subclasses, including recombinant and chimeric vectors, with high binding efficiency. By reducing purification steps and maximizing productivity, this true pan-tropic AAV affinity resin offers a cost-effective purification solution for commercial AAV manufacturing.