Is bigger better? Modeling AAV production to find optimization opportunities

Cell & Gene Therapy Insights 2023; 9(11), 1563


Published: 5 January
Andrea Vervoort

Watch the video or view the poster for insights into:

  • Defining key cost drivers in AAV manufacturing
  • Employing bioprocess modeling to determine the greatest influencers of cost drivers
  • How bioprocess modeling helps to inform and narrow decision making
  • Financial, global, and environmental impacts of AAV manufacturing process changes

Andrea Vervoort is a scientific professional with experience in the fields of bioprocess engineering and gene therapy production. As a Technical Lead at Virica Biotech, she is a subject matter expert in viral sensitizer technology, and is responsible for providing technical guidance and support during client evaluations of Virica’s technology. She also develops data driven models of gene therapy production processes that provide strategic insight into process optimization.

Prior to joining Virica in 2020, Andrea was with the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute as a Cancer Therapeutics Research Assistant in the lab run by Dr Jean-Simon Diallo, now CEO and Scientific Founder of Virica Biotech. She holds a BAS in Chemical Engineering from Queen’s University, with a concentration in biochemical engineering.