A new era in medicine: unraveling the evolution and future of gene therapy

Cell & Gene Therapy Insights 2023; 9(9), 1211–1219

DOI: 10.18609/cgti.2023.159

Published: 25 October 2023
Mai Tanaka-Wakefield, Jonathan Ark, Yuvaraj Gambhir, Ishmael Qawiy, Geeta Vemuri

Over the last decade, gene therapy has rapidly evolved and has led to seven gene therapy approvals since 2017 by the US FDA. These gene therapies are potentially cures for previously incurable diseases. The field has gained tremendous interest from various stakeholders, including patients, providers, investors, and pharmaceutical companies. These therapies will continue to hold promise in the future with further innovation in durability of response, re-dosability and improvements in delivery methods. Regulatory agencies and payers are also seeking to support the growth of gene therapy commercialization through initiatives and innovative models. This commentary aims to highlight progresses made to-date and provide a window into next-generation approaches in discovery and development that may deliver meaningful advantages.