Utilizing an automation-on-demand analytical tool for cancer immunotherapy

Cell & Gene Therapy Insights 2023; 9(8), 1073–1083


Published: 21 September
Innovator Insight
Christoph Eberle

Novel experimental approaches aimed at weaponizing the immune system continue to dominate oncology research. As the immuno-oncology field evolves and demand grows, in-process development is essential to standardize recurring workflows pertaining to tumor sample handling in in vivo mouse oncology studies. Automation solution formats can be used as an on-demand solution for streamlining and simplifying processes. However, in order to effectively utilize fluorescence measurements, both understanding and control of pre-analytical variables need to be improved, as do the wash steps across different assay procedures. This article will explore a series of case studies involving the adoption of Laminar Wash™ technology, a recent refinement of the analytical toolbox associated with cancer immunotherapy.