Simplifying lentiviral downstream processing with a novel affinity resin & robust analytical tools

Cell & Gene Therapy 2023; 9(2), 149

DOI: 10.18609/cgti.2023.021

Published: 14 March
Webinar Digest
Chantelle Gaskin, Suzy Brown

Due to its broad tropism and long-term, stable gene expression in non-dividing cells, recombinant lentivirus (LV) has become a vector of choice for many gene-modified cell therapies.The safety and efficacy of LV-based therapies depend greatly on optimized and controlled LV production. Downstream purification of LV particles presents unique challenges, and robust analytics are critical to verify both the recovery and infectivity of the purified product. This poster gives a condensed overview of a new affinity chromatography resin to purify VSV-G pseudotyped LV, as well as qPCR-based genomic and proviral infectious titer assays for analytical use.