Cell & Gene therapy supply chain orchestration explained

Cell & Gene Therapy Insights 2022; 8(5), 747;

DOI: 10.18609/cgti.2022.113

Published: 17 July 2022

  • What are the challenges in cell & gene therapy (chain of custody, chain of identity)?
  • Why do cell & gene therapies need orchestration?
  • What are the aspects requiring orchestration platforms?
  • How is orchestration realized concretely?
  • What makes Hypertrust X-Chain different?

Andreas Göbel is Managing Director and the technological driving-force behind Hypertrust Patient Data Care, a CAMELOT Group Company. After spending more than 15 years in different roles at SAP SE in Walldorf and several years in innovative technologies like blockchains, he combines these competences in his role at Hypertrust Patient Data Care to innovate patient-centric business applications for pharma and healthcare. Andreas firmly believes that healthcare digitalization has the power to positively transform today’s patient experiences.

Dr Camila Mendes is Head of Business Development in Hypertrust Patient Data Care. She has a strong scientific background in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals plus more than 12 years consulting experience in life-sciences and pharmaceuticals. She has worked in Switzerland, Germany and UK on global and local projects across a range of therapeutic areas and global digital transformation programs.