Vector characterization

AAV vector characterization best practices

Cell & Gene Therapy Insights 2022; 8(4), 511–517

DOI: 10.18609/cgti.2022.075

Published: 16 May 2022
Gaël Stephant

David McCall, Commissioning Editor, Cell & Gene Therapy Insights, speaks to Gaël Stephant, Senior CMC Project Leader, Vivet Therapeutics.

Gaël Stéphant graduated from the Arts et Métiers CNAM, Paris III in 2008 as Engineer in biology, after working a few years as a technician. M. Stéphant joined innovative cell therapy company, Celogos in 2005 to develop an animal component free cell culture media designed to increase cell growth as well as reducing risk for patient. In 2008, he set up the cell culture laboratory Xentech (CRO company) for preclinical in vitro/ex vivo cancer model development. In 2012, he was hired as head of vector bioproduction unit at Theravectys. He then started in 2015, a first CMC Project leader rôle at Yposkezy (formerly Genethon CDMO) followed by 3 years at Gensight Biologics, a biotech company where he was in charge of the production of AAV vector batches to be used in phases I and II clinical trials, as well as the preparation towards commercial phase. He then changed environment and joigned the pharmaceutical company Servier, to lead the CMC team of the CART cell/gene therapy development. Since 2021, M.Stéphant works for Vivet Therapeutics, a biotech company, where he manages the CMC activities for recombinant proteins and gene therapy products.