Strategies for scaling up and out in gene therapy manufacturing: addressing AAV’s growing pains

Cell & Gene Therapy Insights 2022;8(2), 321–334


Published: 22 March 2022
Expert Roundtable
Christopher Reardon, Phillip Vermilion

Elisa Manzotti, Founder, Cell and Gene Therapy Insights, speaks to Chris Reardon, Phillip Vermilion and John Yoshi Shyu

Chris Reardon is an Associate Scientist on the vector production team at Dyno Therapeutics. Chris and his team lead the scale-up and automation of the manufacturing platform for high-throughput production of AAV variant libraries.

Phillip Vermilion oversees GMP Vector Manufacturing at Andelyn Biosciences. He leads a team of diverse staff in the manufacture of clinical AAV vectors of many serotypes for clients around the globe.

John Yoshi Shyu manages field and internal technical application scientists at Corning Life Sciences. In his role, Yoshi supports product development and application in the fields of cell and regenerative therapy and viral vector production.