Fast chromatography of AAV – purification and analytics

Cell & Gene Therapy Insights 2021; 7(12), 1661


Published: 20 December 2021
Maja Leskovec

Watch the video or read the poster to learn:

  • Importance of sample pretreatment before first chromatographic step
  • Rapid downstream process of AAV with emphasis on chromatographic step of CIMmultus SO3 capture
  • Three different ligands full enrichment of AAV
  • Why orthogonal analytics is the key in downstream development and what are the options

Maja Leskovec is Head of Process Development Viruses (viral vectors and vaccines) at BIA Separations, now part of Sartorius. She has 10 years’ experience in the field of downstream development, working in the laboratory as well as leading important gene therapy projects for clients, resulting in processes for clinical phase I, II, III and market supply. One of the key focuses of her group is a holistic view on viral production, combining knowledge from upstream, downstream and analytics.