Biacore™ systems for viral vector titer analysis

Cell & Gene Therapy Insights 2021; 7(12), 1659


Published: 5 January 2022
Anna Moberg

Watch the video or read the poster to learn about:

  • The importance of robust, reproducible analysis of virus particles and impurities in the viral vector production process
  • Four assays for accurate and efficient adenovirus and AAV titer analysis using Biacore™ surface plasmon resonance (SPR) systems.
  • How parallel assay configuration using the Biacore 8K can greatly shorten analysis time

Anna Moberg studied analytical chemistry at Uppsala University, Sweden. In 1998 she took a position at R&D working with system, application, and consumables development for Biacore systems. Currently she holds a position as Staff Research Engineer and Project Manager at Cytiva in Uppsala, Sweden. With more than 20 years of experience working with product development, her work has resulted in numerous Biacore products and applications. Since 2013, Anna is heading the Biacore Market Support team focusing on customer collaborations and generating marketing and training materials.