mRNA manufacturing platform using CIMmultus® and CIMac® technology for high recovery of stable mRNA drug substance with rapid HPLC analytics

Published: 2 December 2021
Rok Sekirnik,
Tomas Kostelec

Watch the video or read the poster to learn:

  • Non-affinity chromatography with PrimaS provides purification for IVT processes with co-transcriptional polyadenylation
  • The Sartorius mRNA purification toolbox provides a scalable chromatographic solution for commercial manufacturing of mRNA therapeutics
  • CIMac analytical HPLC columns can resolve individual IVT reaction components in minutes, resolving the analytical bottleneck in optimization of IVT reaction conditions
  • Rapid HPLC analytics can improve in-process and quality control of the mRNA production process

Rok Sekirnik graduated with a degree in chemistry from the University of Oxford, where he also completed his PhD. He has worked in the areas of mAb, vaccine and gene therapy vector development in various roles, including Principal Scientist at Novartis and Project Manager at Batavia Biosciences. His team at BIA Separations is focused on developing high-yielding, cost-effective purification approaches for pDNA and mRNA production.

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