Cell and gene manufacturing: a case study approach to overcoming challenges – expert perspectives and solutions

Cell & Gene Therapy Insights 2021; 7(6), 759


Published: 9 July 2021

As cell therapy manufacturing moves from translational research to industrial scale-out, Sexton Biotechnologies spoke to competitors, customers, and collaborators to better understand the current challenges.

Watch the video or read the poster to learn:

  • What are the biggest hurdles for cell and gene therapies?
  • What are the challenges with current technologies and manufacturing methods?<
  • What are the biggest payoffs of solving these problems?
  • Steven Thompson is Vice President of Sales and Product Management at Sexton Biotechnologies. He has worked in the Cell and Gene Therapy space for 16 years in both academic and commercial settings, gaining extensive knowledge in Research and Development through to scaled GMP manufacturing. Currently, he leads the business development team to engage with therapeutic developers to fully understand challenges they face during scale up and manufacture, interpreting these problems and working with the internal development team to devise novel technologies for commercialization. He has worked within the launch of several commercial technologies which are now actively used in clinical studies around the globe, and possesses a deep understanding of the technical, regulatory and business hurdles therapy developers must address in order to successfully bring a novel therapy to market.