Plasmid processing for mRNA, gene therapy and other vector applications

Cell & Gene Therapy Insights 2021; 7(6), 723


Published: 1 July 2021
Henrik Ihre

Watch the video or read the poster to learn:

  • Novel three-step purification process for plasmid (p)DNA
  • A new high productivity multimodal resin designed specifically for pDNA purification
  • Comparison between legacy and novel purification process in terms of productivity
  • How a novel fibro format could offer even greater productivity gains in the future
  • Henrik Ihre has his roots in biopharma, leadership and product development for the biopharma downstream industry in specific. He is motivated by bringing new solutions and manufacturing of new pharmaceuticals for patients developed by partners of Cytiva. He has been the Director of Strategic Technologies since March 2020 with specific knowledge and background in the downstream purification of biopharmaceuticals for over 20 years.