Overcoming challenges of rapid stem cell expansion

Cell & Gene Therapy Insights 2021; 7(5), 625


Published: 7 June 2021

Watch the video or read the poster to learn:

  • Why the large batch sizes needed for mesenchymal stromal cell (MSC) therapy present unique culture challenges
  • How CorningĀ® High Yield Performance (HYPER) technology allows users to perform adherent cell culture in a compact footprint
  • Viability, cellular yields, and marker expression data for umbilical-derived MSCs cultured using HYPER technology

About the speaker

Catherine Siler is an accomplished Field Application Scientist for Corning Life Sciences, with a PhD in Biology from Johns Hopkins University. Dr Siler enables scientists and researchers in the life science industry to overcome challenges with cell culture and scale-up for clinical manufacturing of advanced therapies, and utilizes her research and teaching experience to drive the adoption of an industry-leading global product portfolio of innovative single-use consumables for research, process development and bioprocessing applications.