Ensuring supply chain scalability for cell & gene therapy products 2021

Building clinical and commercial allogeneic CAR T cell therapy supply chains

Cell & Gene Therapy Insights 2021; 7(4), 391–397


Published: 28 April 2021
Bob Amareld

Bob Amareld is the Head of Supply Chain at Precision Biosciences, leading the foundational build out of our Cell and Gene Therapy Supply Chain from the ground up, including our Plan-Source-Make-Deliver functions. Following our establishment of our baseline functions, we have begun adding SAAS technology suites for sourcing and inventory, as well as phase appropriate logistics, inventory management, sourcing, and analytics dashboarding to support our clinical trials and internal allogeneic CAR-T and gene vector manufacturing suites. Previously Bob came from Big Biotech at Biogen where he led the Strategic Operations and Technology function and headed the digital transformation of Strategic Sourcing by bringing in technology such as automated spend analytics, E-sourcing, advanced data analysis, market intelligence and Contract Lifecycle Management along with forming distinct Global Centers of Excellence which included a BPO Buying Desk , Contract Life Cycle COE and Strategic Sourcing COE, enabling savings totaling over $500MM in just 3 years. Additionally, Bob has diverse experience in Supply Chain, Procurement, Sourcing, Biomedical and Process Engineering, Intellectual Property Law, Technology Transfer and R&D. He has Masters degrees in Business and Biomedical Engineering from UNC and Johns Hopkins, respectively.