Expert Roundtable: evolving autologous and allogeneic cell therapy manufacturing models in the commercial setting

Cell & Gene Therapy Insights 2020; 6(6), 830–843


Published: 17 July 2020
Expert Roundtable Video
Derek Adams, Greg Russotti, Evonne Fearnot, Emilie Gauthy

Derek Adams

Chief Technical Officer & Manufacturing Officer, bluebird bio.

Derek Adams has served as Chief Technology and Manufacturing Officer at bluebird bio since March 2017. Prior to joining bluebird, Derek was the Senior Vice President of CMC at Evelo Biosciences where he established the initial process development function and supply chain for clinical studies, and drove strategy for product development.

Greg Russotti

Chief Technology Officer, Century Therapeutics

Greg Russotti is Chief Technology Officer at Century Therapeutics. Before joining Century in January 2020, Greg was Vice President of Cell Therapy Development and Operations at Celgene, where he guided CMC efforts for five different cell therapy products to IND and clinical stage development.

John Lunger

Chief Patient Supply Officer, Adaptimmune

John Lunger is Chief Patient Supply Officer at Adaptimmune. John leads the teams responsible for producing and delivering products to patients, accelerating supply execution, and optimizing the supply chain to be ready for commercialization.

Evonne Fearnot

Marketing Manager, Roche CustomBiotech

Evonne Fearnot is Marketing Manager at Roche CustomBiotech. Evonne has over 8 years of experience in cell and gene therapy, developing and marketing bioprocessing products and equipment, and is currently responsible for growing the cell and gene therapy brand as part of Roche CustomBiotech’s commitment to advanced concepts for next generation commercial cell and gene therapy manufacturing.

Emilie Gauthy

Industrialization Manager, Celyad Oncology

Emilie Gauthy is Industrialization Manager at Celyad Oncology and a Bioengineer by training with a PhD in immunology. In her role at Celyad, Emilie oversees CMOs & CROs work and acts as the Raw and Starting Materials Site Matter Expert in the context of autologous and allogeneic CAR-T manufacturing.