Suspension Culture Methods 2019

Upstream and downstream solutions for AAV manufacturing

Cell & Gene Therapy Insights 2019; 5(Suppl. 5), 1017-1029.


Published: 26 August 2019
Innovator Insight
Jessica de Rooij, Jessica DeConto, Gicell Schaenzler, Darren Bauer, Kyle Barre, Meg Duskin, Abhijeet Kohli, Kim Watanabe

With the advancement of gene delivery vectors and gene editing technologies, cell and gene therapies are a very real solution to many previously untreatable or difficult to treat diseases. With this heightened interest in cell and gene therapies, the need for powerful, cost-effective, and scalable methods to deliver these therapies has intensified. Whilst here are a number of non-viral methods for delivery of gene therapies already being utilized, viral delivery remains the most commonly employed method. This article discusses the current AAV manufacuring workflows and identifies opportunities, both upstream and downstream, for process optimisation to support the scalable manufacture of viral vectors to support the increasing demand.