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Anticipating immuno-oncology modality/platform development trends for 2022


Anticipating immuno-oncology modality/platform development trends for 2022

  • Tumor-mediated immune suppression: beyond PD-1
    • What next for TIGIT and LAG-3? (And will further checkpoint inhibitor opportunities arise?)
    • Exploring various mechanisms and their future relevance to the I-O field (eg. TGF-β)
  • Examining the near-mid-term prospects and development trends for next-generation cellular immunotherapy
    • How is the new wave of autologous CAR T cell immunotherapies set to build on the clinical success of first and second generation approaches?
    • Allogeneic cellular immunotherapy – how are safety and efficacy obstacles being addressed in early clinical studies (eg. through gene editing)?
    • What progress in engaging and harnessing innate immune system mechanisms against solid tumors? (eg. NK cells, γδ T cells, , TLR or STING agonists)
    • Next-gen CARs (eg. TRUCKS and multi-targeted CARs, CAR macrophages)
  • Are cancer vaccines back to stay? Assessing progress in alleviating long-standing delivery and target selection challenges
    • Personalized neoantigen-based cancer vaccines
  • Oncolytic virotherapy: How are various platforms and payloads stacking up?
    • What might the future combination therapy picture look like?
    • How to leverage in patients with systemic metastatic disease?
  • A pivotal year for bi-/tri-specific T cell engagers: are novel targets resulting in reduced toxicity and enhanced T cell activation in the clinic/against solid tumors?
  • Cytokines: next steps in the development and I-O application of IL-2, IL-15, IL-18, etc.