AI and machine learning

Innovation at the intersection of computational biology & immuno-oncology

Immuno-Oncology Insights 2023; 4(2), 7–11

DOI: 10.18609/ioi.2023.002

Published: 16 March
Mi Yang

Abi Pinchbeck, Associate Editor, Immuno-Oncology Insightsspeaks to Mi Yang, Senior Scientist, Sanofi 

Mi Yang has a dual background in pharmaceutical sciences and cancer bioinformatics, and uses machine learning to elucidate disease mechanisms, with the ultimate goal of new drug discovery and combination. Mi began his training by completing a pharmacist program at the University of Paris-Sud. Later, he obtained his PhD from Heidelberg University in cancer bioinformatics, where he developed methods for drug synergy prediction and mechanistic exploration from cancer drug screening datasets. During his time at Stanford, he designed a computational framework for drug discovery in immuno-oncology. Subsequently, Mi held a position at PrognomIQ, where he conducted research on multi-omics cancer early detection from liquid biopsy. Mi currently works as a senior scientist in oncology bioinformatics for Sanofi.

This interview will explore his work about employing machine learning tools to investigate the tumor microenvironment and aid immuno-oncology drug discovery efforts.