Predicting patient response to immune-targeted therapies via interrogation of the tumor microenvironment

Immuno-Oncology Insights 2022; 3(9), 513–525

DOI: 10.18609/ioi.2022.052

Published: 19 December 2022
Innovator Insight
Mark Uhlik, Dr Caroline Fong

More accurately predicting which patients will benefit from immune-targeted therapies, including checkpoint inhibitors, remains a crucial goal for the immuno–oncology field. This article will provide an overview of an RNA-based investigational tumor microenvironment panel to better interrogate tumor biology and support multiple oncology therapeutics – particularly immune checkpoint inhibitors and anti-angiogenic agents – across a range of tumor types. New translational data on predicting the benefit from maintenance durvalumab after first-line chemotherapy in oesophagogastric adenocarcinoma will be discussed, along with the potential for companion diagnostic development in support of clinical development.