Key considerations in delivering tomorrow’s biopharma manufacturing facilities and workforce

Published: 19 April 2021
Edwin Huang

Edwin Huang has over 15 years of research and commercial experience in bio-processing technology, covering microbial, plant cell and mammalian cell systems for various bio-production purposes, with a strong focus in mammalian application for biologics production to support pre- to early stage of clinical studies. Edwin has held various technical and managerial positions with local and oversea, private and publicly-listed start-ups, like Acyte (Sydney), Apollo Life Sciences (ASX:AOP), Biosceptre International (UK), and brought therapeutic antibody products into first in human use. A cross discipline background in engineering, life science and commerce has enabled Edwin to provide sound business and investment consulting in areas of biopharmaceutical and life science to management, existing and prospective investors and other research firms. Edwin is currently managing the $11.5M Biologics Innovation Facility at UTS, and also a retained expert with multinational patent law firms to work with global biopharmaceutical companies.

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