Live lab demo: unlock the future of vaccine analysis with CTech SoloVPE
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Live lab demo: unlock the future of vaccine analysis with CTech SoloVPE

Wednesday 08:00 PDT / 11:00 EDT / 16:00 BST / 17:00 CEST
Live lab demo: unlock the future of vaccine analysis with CTech SoloVPE

Versatility and adaptability are critical characteristics for the new generation of bioanalytical tools. The potential to tailor methods to specific vaccine products is revolutionizing our ability and approach to effectively meet regulatory CMC expectations.

In this unique experience, we invite you to step into the Repligen laboratory for a comprehensive, step-by-step demonstration of the CTech SoloVPE System, which represents the cutting-edge in protein concentration measurement. Applications include culture density assessment, plasmid analysis, and DNA/RNA quantification.

Join us as we to explore both low and high concentration methodologies, and delve into the techniques we employ to address the distinctive characteristics of each vaccine product.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Learn how to adapt to concentration variability - tailor your method and approach to accommodate the unique characteristics of different vaccine products and their respective concentrations
  • Find out how to accelerate your analytical processes - achieve accurate measurements at various concentrations in less than 2 minutes, saving time and resources
  • Glimpse the future of vaccine concentration determination - gain a better understanding of how technology such as the SoloVPE System is shaping the biologics analysis landscape

Paul Mania
Paul Mania
Bioanalytics Applications Specialist at Repligen

Paul Mania, B.Sc., CTech Bioanalytics Applications Specialist, is a seasoned professional who has been with Repligen since 2017. With a solid foundation in Biological Science earned from Duquesne University and substantial industry experience as a laboratory technician, Paul brings a wealth of knowledge to his role.

In his capacity as a Bioanalytics Applications Specialist, Paul is dedicated to ensuring our customers' success. He specializes in method validation and implementation, working tirelessly to seamlessly integrate our customer solutions and expedite their functionality. His mission is to optimize his customer’s applications, harnessing the power of at-line concentration measurement and the remarkable precision of variable pathlength spectroscopy to the fullest.

Nigel Herbert
Nigel Herbert
Senior Bioanalytics Applications Specialist at Repligen

Nigel Herbert stands as a dedicated advocate for our customers' success. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomaterials Engineering and a minor in Chemistry from Alfred University, Nigel brings a wealth of skills to his role as a Senior Bioanalytics Applications Specialist at Repligen.

Since joining our team in 2019, Nigel has been on the forefront of advancing our customers' analytical methods. He specializes in UV-Vis spectroscopy, analytical processes, and method validation, offering invaluable support to ensure the highest standards of precision and reliability.

One of Nigel's remarkable achievements is his collaborative spirit, resulting in numerous published application notes. Through close partnerships with our customers, he has made significant strides in solving complex challenges and driving innovation in the biotechnology field. Nigel Herbert's unwavering commitment to enhancing your analytical capabilities exemplifies Repligen's dedication to your success.