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Immuno-Oncology Insights

Immuno-Oncology Insights is an open access, independently peer reviewed publication specifically designed to fill a number of clear and important gaps in the current slate of journals for the industrial and academic and immuno-oncology communities.

Guided by an editorial board lead by Jon Wigginton and Renier J Brentjens, Immuno-Oncology Insights places R&D and manufacturing challenges and progress across a wide variety of technology fields in context. 

To find out more or to access some of our fantastic content, visit   Immuno-Oncology Insights.


Vaccine Insights

Vaccine Insights is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal providing insights into development and manufacture of vaccines. The journal brings together leading experts from pharma, biotech, academia, and other key stakeholders to address critical issues and put the latest developments into context. Guided by an expert advisory board, the journal covers the most important advances in vaccine development and manufacture across all disease areas. All content is free to view – explore articles, interviews, podcasts and more at Vaccine Insights.


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